Richard Sagala on Butler skills, Firsts, training and experience

-The XXIst c. Butler and the Art of Service, a Swiss knife approach?-

To excel in the Art of Service, the XXIst c. Butler must nowadays acquire a 360 degree skill set that includes: managing people, budgets, and take part in coordinating the maintenance of real estate, aircrafts, boats and cars, special equipment et al. The skill set must includes chauffeur and valeting services as well as mastering Protocol, Business & Social Etiquette and everything related to the preparation and execution of functions, dinners, meals, etc. including light cooking and cellar management techniques. Mastering more than one language is a definite plus and the XXIst c. Butler definitely must possess a ready pen and a capacity to network and act as an ambassador (and negotiate) on behalf of his employer in order to keep his reputation and the reputation of his family at the zenith under all circumstances. The XXIst c. Butler must grant to his employer a maximum of time for his chosen priorities and endeavours while allowing him (or her) to enjoy a peaceful mindset knowing that everything is optimal and under control.

Our idea was simple,

Before launching our academy we took the perspective of a potential student, asking ourselves the following: if we would be starting a career now aiming at becoming an expert in superior service delivery, would it (as a student) be wise joining the IMBA and, would we get excellent training there? The answer had to be: “Yes”. So we built from there.

always thinking like Rolls-Royce, there is no better role model and,

Inspired by Henry Royce, our mantra is: “Take the best that exists and make it better. If it doesn’t exist, design it”. At the IMBA it took us more than fifteen years honing our craft and understanding the modern needs of the profession before we gave ourselves the green light to start. By being relentless at striving for the best for all these years, we are proud of having put together this compelling program with a wine expertise at its core.

talking the walk and walking the talk.

Talking of a marketable skill set acquisition, grit and persistence are indispensable. Here is a practical exemple of the skill set that got deemed necessary (and acquired over a span of twenty four-years) by the Director of the program and main instructor:

Management skills:

Richard Sagala is holder of an MBA from BEM/Kedge Bordeaux

Real Estate management skills and experience:

Richard Sagala has been the owner of GSV, a real-estate management and renovation company in Montreal, Canada .

Butler Skills

Firsts in Qc & Canada

 Created in 2016, Richard Sagala is the owner of IMBA/AIMM, the International Montreal Butler Academy/ l’Académie Internationale de Majordome de Montréal, the First butler school in Québec, Canada

– Creation in 2017 of the CEWECM-IMBA the Centre of Excellence for Wine Education & Cellar Management of the IMBA

 Richard Sagala, Québec First certified Butler, 2001. Trained at The International Butler Academy. Diploma awarded with: Distinction 

 Only Canadian certified from the Rolls-Royce & Bentley Motor Cars School of Instruction in Crewe, UK.

Wine skills

Firsts in Qc, Canada

 In 2012, Richard Sagala created École in Vino Veritas, firstbilingual Wine Business School accredited by the Wine and Spirit Education Trust operating at Graduate level in Canada.

 In 2014 a partnership got established with École in Vino Veritas, UBC (University of British Columbia) and Bordeaux Kedge Business School for the Wine Leaders Forum; March 2019 was the sixth iteration of the forum.

 Richard Sagala is the only Vinitaly International Academy Ambassador, lecturer and wine judge in Québec.

 Only French Wine Scholar certified tutor in Québec

– Fall of 2018 Richard Sagala got appointed Sommelier by the Management and the Board of the Orford Music arts centre with the task of creating the Orford Music fine Wines Cellar, a First in Québec.

Richard Sagala is an expert in both Social and Business Etiquette for having study it in the UK, France, Italy, the Netherlands and in Austria.

Etiquette and Protocol skills and experience

From 1993 to 1996 Richard Sagala learnt Protocol at the Canadian Consulate in Lyon, France.