Imba Team


In Vino Veritas!

President of the Accredited Sommelier Association of Canada, Québec born Richard Sagala is a Vinitaly VIA Ambassador and BEM Bordeaux Management School Wine MBA. Richard holds ten wine diplomas, certifications and accreditations from five countries: France (where he lived for five years), Italy, Canada, the UK, and the USA. Trained in the Netherlands, First certified butler in Québec, Richard in 2001 got his butler diploma from TIBA (with “Distinction”) plus a Chauffeur certification from the Rolls-Royce & Bentley Motor Cars School of Instruction in Crewe, UK.

Richard Sagala is the owner of the IMBA (International Montreal Butler Academy) and the ÉIVV (École In Vino Veritas). 


A fine wine cellar is worth a lot of money and will fall unto the responsability of the butler

Managing major private accounts at the SAQ Quebec Liquor Control Board, a certified sommelier from the French Université du Vin de Suze-la-Rousse , Alain Cloutier became in 2009 the head of the SAQ Services Signature.

Mr Cloutier has decades of experience adding value to his clients wine cellars. With his extensive knowledge of first growths & iconic wines, spirits, old and rare vintages, Alain Cloutier will be training IMBA students in understanding those special bottles and how to take care of a fine wine collection.


A butler career requires a high energy level

Expert in human performance and olympic trainer since 1989, Dr Le Roy holds a PhD in Psychology. Dr Le Roy will train International Montreal Butler Academy students to raise their energy level, increase their concentration, sharpen their focus and gain in overall level of performance.


Management skills acquisition are of primary importance for a butler

Project Management Expert, Ms Liliane Cardinal MBA is a certified specialist from the PMI the Project Management Institute. Ms Cardinal will teach students of the IMBA the keys to successful project management, logistics, and team building techniques.


To be on top of the wine world, constant research is required

Dr. Paolo Dinis Lopes is the wine technical director of IMBA and ÉIVV. Responsible for content development. Dr. Dinis is an oenologist with a Ph.D. from the Bordeaux Faculty of Oenology and a Wine MBA 2011 from BEM Bordeaux Management School, the same promotion as Richard Sagala. Co-founder of ÉIVV, it was during our MBA studies that we decided to create the In Vino Veritas wine business school to train professionals, conduct research and fulfill marketing and distribution research mandate for the industry. A researcher, Paolo is a specialist on oxygen issues and lectures around the world on how closures types impact the evolution through time of the taste profile of bottles of wine, an important topic to understand by the IMBA students in light of the older vintages that they will find in their employers cellars .