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The Piano is waiting for the Chef

The Bertazzoni Piano is waiting for the Chef
  Game Changer: I discovered this book twenty-five years ago….and embarked on an adventure that I still find thrilling to this day
The Rolls-Royce Cullinan is the SUV of my dreams.   I am partial, I must admit, I own the brand and the brand owns me. Whenever I do something or have a project for my butler school I think to myself “How would they do it at Rolls-Royce?”   Why do I say that the Cullinan is

Spinoza or Spinosa?

For Spinoza the philosopher, happiness (conatus) is all about increasing your desire… No doubt that after a glass of this fresh wine you will desire more; In Vino Veritas!
Through the generosity of Ronchi de Cialla again this year, we will auction a private tasting of six of these fine wines to benefit SAMS organisation, a fine non profit who organises concerts for patients in long term care enters. More about: SAMS
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Rolls-Royce will create a collection of 35 2018 Rolls-Royce Ghosts, in homage to the original Silver Ghost’s achievement. I had the pleasure in 2001of seing the original “Silver” Ghost from1904 in Crewe at the factory. Impressive machine! (and in pristine condition)

‘Best Supernatural Driving Experience’

5 February 2018, Goodwood The Rolls-Royce Phantom has been praised for offering the in the prestigious GQ Car Awards, which were announced today. An independent panel of judges at British GQ recognised the other-worldly experience of travelling in New Phantom, which is the most silent motor car in the world and cossets occupants with its
There are those who lead the way, and there are those that lights it…
In this video, Etihad shows great respect to those committed to the pursuit of excellence in the Art of service. An artist drawing (screen capture from the above video) Flawless execution (screen capture from the above video)
  Just opened, November 2017 in a small renovated Venitian palazzo, Hotel Heureka offers tasteful, baroque, whimsical and modern Italian design in a peaceful section of Venice. Great service from Andrea, Serena, Alicia and Diana plus 2 others charming persons that I forgot the names. At the IMBA we have high standards and Hotel Heureka

The refined Gritti Palace in Venice

Renovated to the highest standards in 2013, the Gritti Palace offers a quintessential Venetian experience in style. At IMBA, the International Montreal Butler Acdemy we are not easy to please…even if you are demanding excellence in service and have a keen eye for details, the Gritti won’t fail you. An authentic reference in a magic

Images of Barolo Castle

by Richard Sagala Gravner wines: Are orange wines game changers or Hyperprism? Josko Gravner is an Italian producer from the Friuli region. Mr. Gavner created a reputation for himself from a radical winemaking technique that he has espoused (amphora) and the original wines that he produces, the so called orange wines. By the way, Orange
30th  of November 2017