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  Just opened, November 2017 in a small renovated Venitian palazzo, Hotel Heureka offers tasteful, baroque, whimsical and modern Italian design in a peaceful section of Venice. Great service from Andrea, Serena, Alicia and Diana plus 2 others charming persons that I forgot the names. At the IMBA we have high standards and Hotel Heureka

The refined Gritti Palace in Venice

Renovated to the highest standards in 2013, the Gritti Palace offers a quintessential Venetian experience in style. At IMBA, the International Montreal Butler Acdemy we are not easy to please…even if you are demanding excellence in service and have a keen eye for details, the Gritti won’t fail you. An authentic reference in a magic
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by Richard Sagala Gravner wines: Are orange wines game changers or Hyperprism? Josko Gravner is an Italian producer from the Friuli region. Mr. Gavner created a reputation for himself from a radical winemaking technique that he has espoused (amphora) and the original wines that he produces, the so called orange wines. By the way, Orange
30th  of November 2017
  Richard Sagala, in contex (Friuli, Barolo and Venice) is tasting Italian native wine grapes for the Cellar Management program of the IMBA. Italy produces many original wines that are worth cellaring. In Vino Veritas!  
(Script) -Welcome to IMBA, the International Montreal Butler Academy. -My name is Richard Sagala, I am the CEO of the IMBA. -In this series of Audio Podcasts, we will address topics that are deemed important to our profession. -At IMBA, we believe that the “Experience Economy”, brought to us a new playing field where Excellence
In Verdicchio Veritas! by Richard Sagala Italy August 2017, in the elegant new facilities of Sartarelli I experienced a vertical tasting of a rather special wine: the Sartarelli Balciana. A word about the new Saltarelli building: it is an airy and natural light filled small building hosting an original museum dedicated to the glory of
  -The XXIst c. Butler and the Art of Service, a Swiss knife approach?- To excel in the Art of Service, the XXIst c. Butler must nowadays acquire a 360 degree skill set that includes: managing people, budgets, and take part in coordinating the maintenance of real estate, aircrafts, boats and cars, special equipment et

On the drawing board: Barolo!

Latest news: IMBA has been invited to submit a proposal for a Spring 2018 teaching session in the Barolo Castle.


7 ready made IMBA Conferences: 1- Know the invisible red lines, avoid entrapment! 2- The Butler Mindset for all-weather Empowerment 3- Knights and Ladies of the XXI st Century 4- Delight Customers with unparallel service and quality 5- Don’t expect room service -or- Why to serve is better than being served 6- Part of a
  To IMBA Conferences page: link -Build your Human Capital, Business etiquette, Social etiquette, Protocol are the way of executive empowerment, the Antidote to toxic behaviour in the workplace and the best way to conquer the trust and respect of your clients and fellow workers. Richard Sagala at IMBA teaches it to individuals, groups and
  October 21st 2017, It was a pleasure to see that Barolo wine lovers offered one thousand dollars to the Orford students bursary fund for a Barolo tasting workshop with IMBA’s Richard Sagala. Center of the picture is Mr. Wonny Song pianist, Artistic Director and General manager of the Orford Music Academy surrounded by the
by Richard Sagala In a few days this week, the career of three prominent power brokers came to a brutal halt in my own province of Québec, Canada. The IMBA Antidote: they should have taken a butler course (or our Etiquette empowerment workshops). Some people pointed to me a few times in the past that our
Tuesday the 17th of October 2017, It was a pleasure to meet again, in Montréal, Marilisa Allegrini, CEO of Allegrini wines. I had the pleasure to meet for the first time Ms Allegrini in Verona in 2015 at Vinitaly Opera Wines but, what I remember most was the superb evening for its quality, inventivity and
Real life situation: the Boss says “sort it out”. Would you rise to the  occasion? The Boss will notice it both ways…   In Vino Veritas!
My first ever butler assignment came November 2001 at Hotel des Indes in The Hague (the Netherlands). I kept a box of matches as a Souvenir of this day. I will always remember it. In 2001 this Historic Hotel sounded very exotic to me with its French name, especially due to the fact that it

Tiberio Fonte Canale 2015

In focus, by Richard Sagala Tiberio Fonte Canale 2015 This crisp wine comes from the Abruzzo region of Italy. It is crafted from 100% Trebbiano Abruzzese 58 years old vines grown under a canopy training system (see picture of Cristiana Tiberio under the canopy). How does it taste? Acacia flowers on the nose plus mandarine
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has partnered with Fondation Beyeler to present an artistic concept by internationally renowned Swiss artist, Pipilotti Rist, for the institution’s famed Summer Night’s Gala 2017, held on 16 September. Normally the reserve of Fondation Beyeler’s esteemed guests, Rolls-Royce’s patronage ensured that the installation was seen and experienced by the public on Sunday