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The only Butler standard Sommelier school in the world.

At the International Montreal Butler Academy (IMBA) we have created a world class learning curriculum for driven individuals who want to distinguish themselves in the butler world having acquired a unique skillset showcasing the management of a fine wine cellar.

The butler career is a demanding one but compensation can be very high and mirrors the expertise one has to offer.

IMBA is totally devoted to curating fine wine collections and is not a classic butler school. IMBA caters to qualified wine professionals and already certified Butlers as well as candidates with the right profile wishing to build a fine wine cellar management expertise.

If you are looking to a classic Butler training as such, we strongly recommend that you have a look at the International Butler Academy in the Netherlands link

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Did you know that the word butler is derived from the French word “bouteiller” which meant the person in charge of transferring the barrelled wine from the cask in the cellar to a container before service (a bottle or “bouteille” in French)? The butler was the estate cellar master.

This wine related story begets two questions:

1- Would you know how to fill and compose a value added wine cellar in conformity with an employer’s taste?

2- Would you be able to work with a chef and pair optimal wines to the suggested dishes and in accordance to the tone of the function?

IMBA students will receive an advanced Wine and Spirits curriculum.

Discover the CEWECM-IMBA, the Centre of Excellence in Wine Education and Cellar Management of the International Montreal Butler Academy.


Montréal (Canada) is unique. Belonging to the best cities in the world for its quality of life,

Montréal is twice as old as Canada itself. 

The unique culture blend of Montreal :

Montreal has blended through time its British and French heritage while acquiring a personality of its own, thus making it the perfect environment to establish our school.

Montreal blends British formality and French “art de vivre” and gastronomy with North-American efficiency, enriched by the welcoming Canadian character and Québec warmth.

We believe at the IMBA that this unique culture is an asset to our trade in the contemporary world.

Although Etiquette is important, butlers, such as how they were depicted in the past as characters yielding to excess formality and stuffiness is not what actual employers are presently looking for, they are looking more for lifestyle managers, and to add value, wine expertise is certainly a part of it.

The dining room: ground zero for butlers skills

Would that be for a simple family meal, an important social event or the planning of an official function involving Protocol, the dining room is where the butler must naturally shine and transcend the tasks at hand.

For a butler, meals are opportunities to delight and generate those experiences that will be remembered by the employer and his guests. It is to the butler and his staff to make the time spent around the table moments of pleasure and the epitome of civility.

To be able to whip up a simple delicious meal

One useful competence to be acquired by the XXIst c. butler would be to master the basics of cooking and to excel in wine and food pairing.

There are situations where the chef is off or the employer is traveling. In these circumstances an employer would expect the butler to take certains tasks in stride even if they are not part of his/her normal work description.

Improvising a simple but delicious meal (judiciously paired with wine) and to serve it with elegance is certainly one of them !

At IMBA we will make sure that you will answer affirmatively to the:  “are you in possession of basic cooking skills?” question during a job interview and that this inquiry wouldn’t be a deal breaker for, otherwise, a possibly great employment opportunity…

Become an estate manager

Versatility and mastering value adding skills increase a butlers profile and raise his employment opportunities (and compensation package).

Being able to manage a fine piece of real estate requiring proper maintenance as well as overseeing improvements and repairs are very useful skills that could further distinguish a candidate.

The wine cellar in particular might be worth a fortune and must be attend to with competence and expertise.

Master Chauffeur skills

...and learn from a certified Bentley/ Rolls-Royce Chauffeur.

As mentioned, nowadays, employers value versatility. This implies that one has to be able to master more tools than what was required from a classic butler previously. It is not unusual for a butler to be requested to drive, on occasion, his employer or his family.


The designer for the IMBA logo got inspired by the knight’s escutcheon and the clean lines of a cut stone.

The design was selected for its ability to suggest the noble art of service and the clean lines suggest the value a precious stone acquires when properly cut and polished.


During your training, tailored to you personalized career orientation sessions will be made available. Butlers, like the IMBA organization, excel in personalized services.

Our pledge: Each one of our students will receive personalized individual attention.


Any questions ?

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